Rehabilitation Services

physical therapist helping elderly women stretch

Mission Care Group’s three care centers feature fully staffed rehabilitation departments, specialized equipment and programs to help our patients recover. We understand that after a physical injury, disease or disability, it may be difficult to carry out activities of daily living. Our licensed, professional rehabilitation teams work with the patient, the nursing staff, physicians and families to create a personalized, individual care program. Our Care Partners will assist each patient with attaining maximum potential so they can return home to the life they love.

Our Care Team

Our Physical Therapists will teach exercises that may help improve balance, strength and mobility. If necessary, they will also give instructions on the safe and correct use of mobility devices such as walkers, canes, braces and artificial limbs.

Our Occupational Therapists focus on improving everyday living skills, including bathing, dressing and eating. They also may train patients and residents on equipment that will help them better perform these activities.

Our Speech-Language Pathologists will assess and treat communication, memory, problem solving and reasoning skills. They also may evaluate and treat problems with swallowing.

Other professionals on our Interdisciplinary Team may include:

  • Nursing professionals
  • Social services
  • Our Dietitian
  • Our Psychologist
  • Activities

Therapy sessions and activities will be provided on a daily schedule. The attending physician will continue to follow progress and remain in charge of patient medical care.

What You Can Expect

During the initial phase of treatment, each patient may be asked to participate in a series of evaluations. It is critical that we perform a complete assessment because the treatment program will be based on the needs that are identified. Therapy may take place in both individual and group treatment settings, and sessions will be scheduled for various times throughout the day. These services are offered to patients as needed through the week. Prior to making the transition to home, the Interdisciplinary Team will meet with the patient and their family to discuss any services or equipment they may need after they leave our care. We may even schedule a home visit to identify any potential home environment challenges and necessary modifications. Our programs will be challenging, but patients can expect our full support and encouragement.

Rehabilitation Amenities:

  • A dedicated Rapid Recovery Rehabilitation section with newly renovated rooms and beds
  • Separate lounge and dining areas as well as In-room dining
  • Daily Menu Selection
  • Wireless Internet
  • Flat Screen Televisions
  • On-Site Hair Salon

Rapid Recovery

Our Rapid Recovery Rehabilitation Units are designed for speed — to get patients into rehabilitation therapy and then home or to a lower level of care as soon as possible. Our therapists are specially trained to make the most of every rehabilitation session, and to help our patients recover quickly and safely.