Making the Right Choice

nurse helping elderly man get out of bed and walk

The Right Choice for Post Hospitalization Rehabilitation

You have a choice. It’s up to you on where you want to go for rehabilitation after hospitalization. There are several areas to consider:

  • clinical programs offered
  • quality measures and awards achieved
  • rehabilitation services provided
  • amenities offered
  • Medical Director,  Administrator, and Director of Nursing (experience and dedication)
  • customer satisfaction
  • employee turnover
  • convenient location to family and friends

Why choose one of our Centers for a short-term rehabilitation visit?

Mission Care Group centers have redesigned the transitional rehabilitation experience with a full spectrum Rapid Recovery Rehabilitation unit in each facility. This provides the perfect location for patients to recover their strength, get well and get home.

To obtain a printable checklist to take with you on a visit, click here.